Secretariat of the UN-Women Executive Board

The Secretariat of the Executive Board is the interface between UN-Women and its governing body, the Executive Board, ensuring effective relationships between the two. Under the leadership of the President of the Executive Board, and with advice from the Bureau (composed of the President and 4 Vice Presidents representing the 5 regional groups of the United Nations in New York Headquarters), the Executive Board Secretariat assists in all aspects of the work of the Executive Board, including the organization of three formal sessions per year, informal consultations, briefings, Bureau meetings and field visits.

The Executive Board Secretariat provides inter-governmental support and strategic advice to Member States and to the leadership of UN-Women, with regard to operational governance and oversight. 

Working in close cooperation with the UN Department of the General Assembly and Conference Management, the Executive Board Secretariat ensures the timely production and translation of UN-Women’s documentation put forward to the Executive Board's consideration and maintains the repository of Executive Board’s binding decisions on the organization. It provides members and observers with updated information by maintaining respective webpages and other portals.

The UN-Women Executive Board Secretariat coordinates closely with Executive Board Secretariats of the UN Funds and Programmes i.e. UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS, UNICEF and WFP to ensure harmonization of practices throughout the UN system.

Secretary of the Executive Board
Mr. Jean-Luc Bories

Intergovernmental Specialist
Ms. Anne-Claire Blok

Executive Board Programme Analyst
Ms. Miwako Hirota

Executive Board Programme Analyst
Mr. Cong Zhang

Executive Board Consultant
Ms. Lynn Mugodo

Executive Board Consultant
Mr. Alexander McDonnell

Operations Associate 
Mr. Ephrem Cruz

Secretary of the Executive Board
220 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017
Fax: +1 646 781-4496



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